Johannes Kreidler Composer

Charts Music (2009) auf Deutsch

Music Piece with Visualization

Melodies derived from Stock charts, arranged with Microsoft Songsmith
The Billion-Dollar-Song, the most expensive piece of music ever.



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On Wednesday, 4.2., 7.30pm CET there is a live interview with BBC Radio 2

The internet TV shows YouNews, RocketBoom and Attack of the Show are talking about the piece.

October Films produces a feature on the piece.

On 9.2. at 15.30h the norwegian Radio P2 broadcasts a feature on the piece.

During the last week of February, on CNN there will be a reportage.

Instumental version (by Mark Knoop)

Ensemble Mosaik, Karlsruhe 2019

Kammerakademie Potsdam, KAPmodern 2016

Other Performance Recordings

Champ d'Action, Time Canvas Antwerpen 2012

Plus-Minus, Borealis Bergen 2012

@ Tv:


Présentation Casino de Paris (en francais)