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Concerts and Presentations






Presentation London 2015

Presentation Warsaw 2015

Presentation Oslo 2015

Masterclass videos for Speak Percussion Melbourne (three videos) (2016)

Concert in the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) Melbourne, August 2016

Concert at Warsaw Autumn 2015 / another Video / longer Video

Performance with Ensemble Asamisimasa at Venice Biennal 2017

Lecture at Sample Music Festival Berlin September 2016


Radio portraits




Portrait Hear and Now; by James Clarke, broadcasted on BBC2 16.10.2010

Portrait Podcast of Goethe-Instituts, by Margarete Zander (2014)

Short Portrait by Caitlan Carroll, broadcasted on PRI The World 4.11.2011

Composer Conversation (Daniel Vezza) Podcast, 2012

No Brow art show speaks with Johannes Kreidler, broadcasted on 4ZZZFM 28.9.2014

Kreidler: muzyka to nie tylko sluchanie dzwieków (Polski Radio, 13.11.2015)

Kreidler: powinno sie zaniechac tradycji aplauzu (Polski Radio, 19.9.2017)


Texts on Johannes Kreidler










"Here comes newer Despair. An aesthetic primer for the New Conceptualism of Johannes Kreidler", von Max Erwin, Tempo 2016

Can Music (Still) Be Critical?, von Thom Adrewes, Dissertation (2015)

Millenial Scores (en italiano) (2017)

Darragh Kelly: Johannes Kreidler and Jennifer Walshe: (Post-)Conceptual Music (Writings about Music IV, 2017) (in english)

Tim Rutherford Johnson: Music After the Fall. Modern Composition and Cultr since 1989, S.96-98, 146-148 und 262 (2017)

George Lewis: The Situation of a Creole. Donaueschingen Lecture 2017

Eric Derr: Contemporary Percussion in the Age of Information Overload

Lecture of Owen Davis on Johannes Kreidler (2017)

Christine Dysers: "Muziek ten tijde van internet en digitalisering. De ‘conceptuele muziek’ van Johannes Kreidler" (in dutch)

Lecture on time compression in the work of Johannes Kreidler, by Mariyn Rychter (Warsaw 2016)

Henrique Iwao: Colagem musical na música eletrônica experimental, Dissertation Universidade de São Paulo (2012) (portuguese)

Harry Lehmann: The digital revolution of music (2012) (translated in english, polish and french)

"Concept Music", by Harry Lehmann, in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik 1/2014 (translated into polish and spanish)

Johannes Kreidler: Créer c'est interpeller (2012); Paper by Jean-Pierre Quinquenel (aka Beryann Parker), PhD student in Musicology in Rennes II, proposed on 13th january 2012 (french)

Guillermo Garcia Perez: Música Radical (La Tempestad, 2013) (spanish)

Kamen Nedev: Johannes Kreidler, Sí a todo, in Mediateletipos 2014 (spanish)

Paco Yanez: Conceptualismo-pastiche, in Mundoclasico 2016 (spanish)

"Johannes Kreidler - Uniciti moras staro, da lahko ustvaris novo", von Masa Golob und Petra Rakic (slowenian) (2015)

Portrait Johannes Kreidler, in: Classic Voice, von Gianluigi Mattietti (2016)

Régis Dragonetti: "Ja is het nieuwe neen" (dutch), Rektoverso 2015

Ettore Garzia: Una contraddizione recente del teatro contemporaneo

New Conceptualism and Cultural Industry (2017); Paper by Svetlana Lavrova (russian)

Andreas Engström: "Svenska konstmusikkritiker trivs i sin filterbubbla" (2017)

Texts on specific works are on each work's page, especially for Fremdarbeit, Der "Weg der Verzweiflung" (Hegel) ist der chromatische, Charts Music and Audioguide.