Johannes Kreidler Composer




Portrait CD (2015)
From the series "Edition zeitgenössische Musik" of Deutscher Musikrat / + DVD [Link]






Der "Weg der Verzweiflung" (Hegel) ist der chromatische (2012)
On the official CD of the Donauschinger Musiktage 2012, Nadar Ensemble (SWR / Neos) [Link]





Kantate: No future now (2008)
On the CD of Internationales Kompositionsseminar, Ensemble Modern / Johannes Kalitzke, Cond. (EM Medien) [Link]





Klavierstück 5 (2005)
On the CD "extended piano" from Sebastian Berweck (Huddersfield Contemporary Records) [Link]


Review (Neue Zeitschrift für Musik) (german)

Review (The Watchful Ear) (english)



Anlässe, sich eine zu drehen (2002)
On the CD of guitarist Nico Couck (Champ d'Action recordings) [Link]






Ferneyhough's 2nd String Quartet, rendered with Band-in-a-Box (2010)
On the CD of DEGEM "drop the beat" [Link]







Inhalation Samples (2014)
On the LP of Liquid Architecture "The Ear Is A Brain" [Link]







Slide Show Music (2013)
From the CD of New Forum Jeune Creation [Link]







Cache Surrealism (2007)
On the demo CD of Ensemble LUX:NM [Link]






!-Pieces (2015)
Anniversary Vinyl of Nadar Ensemble [Link]







Kontinuum mit Melodie (2007)
On the CD "Orpheus 400" (DEGEM / CYBELE) [Link]








Sätze über musikalische Konzeptkunst. Texte 2012-2018
Collection of Essays (in german) [Contents and Foreword] Buy / Amazon









Musik mit Musik. Texte 2005-2011
Collection of Essays (in german) [Contents and Foreword]. Buy


Review (WDR3)

Review (NZfM)

Review (ÖMZ)

Review (Dissonance)

Review (Die Tonkunst)



Programming Electronic Music in Puredata (2007/08)
Tutorial (in english, spanish and german) [Link]









Musik, Ästhetik, Digitalisierung - Eine Kontroverse (2008-10)
A Public debate between Harry Lehmann, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf and Johannes Kreidler. (in german) [Contents and Foreword]. Buy

Reviews & Discussion

Discourse Analysis (Lecture)








Sheet Music (2013-)
Canvas and poster works, signed and purchasable. Website